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The coming of the Sony Xperia ZX3 with single 48MP camera


Benchmark results reveals Sony Xperia XZ3 with single 48MP camera

The world of flagships has gotten to the saturation point where it is now almost predictable. When we hear the coming of a new one, we can always look forward to multiple cameras on the back, the new tall screen design and maybe even a notch.
Those were the same things that made the rounds when we first started hearing about the coming of the Sony Xperia ZX3 . If news is anything to go by though, that is not to be anymore.

A 360 render of the phone had first been leaked and from that, we didn’t see the slot for a second camera sensor.
While that might have looked like an omission at that point in time, new evidence from a benchmark listing now confirms that Sony made no mistake in getting that kind of information out. In fact, fans and speculators alike should be gearing up for a phone that will pack as much as 47MP into a single sensor.
As is known from benchmark tests, there is usually a little bit of difference between what was reported and what is. That being said, the closest to this kind of sensor is a 48MP camera that Sony has in their stables. It has an even higher resolution than the 40MP unit that features on Huawei’s P20 Pro and that is not only in the numbers.

The confusion in the market now could be from a live leak from Sony which showcased a phone with dual camera sensors. If that is taken into consideration, it could mean that Sony is planning the release of two phones and not one.
The events of the coming set of days will determine which of these pieces of news hold the most water. For now, though, we will be happy to get such a massive albeit single sensor on the upcoming XZ3.
Which would you have preferred? The type of camera on the XZ2 Premium or this single piece of beauty?