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Mtn Mpulse Cheat for Tweakware VPN


Wassup Guys, This post will show you How to use MTN MPulse Data Cheat Settingsfor Tweakware VPN , Mtn Mpulse Cheat for Tweakware VPN Without wasting much of our time, LETS START

The recent config we updated for http injector and eproxy seems to have encountered some glitches [ which would be resolved & Updated soon ], leading to complaints by many.

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HOW TO USE Mtn Mpulse Cheat for Tweakware VPN


1. Active Mtn Mpulse Data Plan
2. Tweakware Apk – Download from Play store OR DOWNLOAD HERE
3. Mtn Tweakware Config – Download HERE
How to Set Up Tweakware to Power all Apps with mpulse Data.
1. After you’ve successfully downloaded tweakware VPN and  the configuration file
2. Open your Tweakware app
3. Go to “Settings” and select “Tweak Import”
4. Locate the folder that contains your downloaded config and click on it.
5. Go back to the homepage of your tweakware and select “Import Tweak” as your choice
6. Click on the “CONNECT” button and blaze on!
:mtn mpulse cheat for tweakware
mtn mpulse cheat for tweakwaremtn mpulse cheat for tweakware
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