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How to Get Airtel 100% data bonus


Wow!!! get Airtel 100% data bonus, this cool right? Yeah, everyone is there looking for the best way to browse everyday.

Airtel 100% data bonus seems captivating but it is has the eligibility feature. Not all Airtel users will be able to enjoy this feature. To activate the Airtel 100% data bonus, simply text “ Get ” to “141” using your Airtel SIM card. If your Airtel SIM card is lucky enough, you will get this text message from them.

Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME

This airtel 100% data bonus will be available for a maximum of three (3) months for each Airtel user. If yu are not fortuate enough to receive that type of message, then you are not eligible for Airtel 100% data bonus.

Once you are eligible, you are free to go, don’t forget to share this.