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Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specifications And price
Samsung Galaxy Note 10

According to the update , this are the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus Specifications you must see.

Millions of people trust WhatsApp every day by using the application to hold private conversations in which they exchange personal information. To gain that trust, the communication platform progressively improves its functions, especially those related to privacy and security.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specifications And price
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WhatsApp has several tools with which you can protect your account, although some are more unknown than others. We are going to change this ignorance in this article explaining what are the 10 adjustments that you must already establish in the app to be 100% secure.

10 adjustments to improve your security and privacy in WhatsApp

1. Block the most annoying users

Having the phone number of a person with WhatsApp already allows you to open a conversation with it. However, if you receive messages from a user you do not want to chat with, you can always use the blocking function. From that moment, you will not receive messages from that contact nor will he be able to see your profile information or your status updates.

To block a contact, you must enter the individual conversation you have with him and click on the menu button in the upper right corner. Next, go to More> Block> Block and the contact will be blocked. You can also do it from the menu button of the chat tab> Settings> Account> Privacy> Blocked contacts> Add contact.

92. Privatize the notifications to the maximum

Notifications are a good tool for reading WhatsApp messages without opening the app. However, just like you can see the content of the messages, so can other people who look at your phone’s lock screen. For this reason, it is best to privatize notifications to the fullest.

To do this, go to Menu> Settings> Notifications and you will find the option Pop-up notification, both in the Messages section and in Groups. There you can choose between Never show popup, Only with the screen “on”, Only with the screen “off” and always show the popup. Your privacy will always be guaranteed with the first one, so it is advisable to never show pop-up notifications.