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A German student invents new phone casing with pops out legs


German student invlents new phone casing with pops out legs.

A new phone casing that pops out automatically when it falls to the ground has been invented by a genius German student, called Philip Frenzel. The invention has already won him a top award from the German society for mechatronics.

Testing the Adcase

The phone case is said to prevent phones from breaking and cracking when they falls to the ground. However, the phone casing is still a prototype and hasn’t been put out for sale.

Phone case with spider leg

The new invention consists of an eight legged like spider looking horn that springs or pops out when you drop your phone. This protects the edges of the phone from impact, and this spider looking legs can easily be folded back into their holsters when you pick up the phone.

Moreover, it took Philip Frenzel and his team two and half years to create the device. They have started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project of making it compatible with newest iPhones. And also, Phillip Frenzel has applied for a patent and made a catchy logo to start the sale of the phone casing.

Closes up to its holster

In conclusion, I think this is really a great innovation and development that will bring full stop to broken screens. What do you have to say about it?